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Gabriela Hoope


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The board of directors is chaired by Gabriela Hoope, Gabriela Hoope is an owner of ROSE Group. 

François Hosteing

Board Advisor

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What attracts and inspires François is the co-construction of shared vision
: animation of executives clubs, auto and co-development of managers, to bring out individual and collective projects in a positive way, François brought all his experience to


Laurent Laval

Managing Director

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Cosmopolitan executive search consultant for Transearch in Czech Republic. Over the past 20 years, he has grown business in multinationals connecting headquarters and local entities.

Laurent fell in love with Czech Republic 12 years ago, a flourishing market in the heart of Europe a new generation laboratory of entrepreneurs.

Sebastien Armando

Board Member

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Chief Executive Officer at Aperam

Sebastien joined ArcelorMittal/Aperam in 2006 as VIE (Special French Contract) to work in Logistic Project. Then he took successfully different positions such as Supply Chain Manager, Production Manager and then Site Manager which give him a wide range of expertise.

Pavel Merhout

Board Member

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Managing Director of Tymphany Acoustic Technology Europe (500 employee) in Ostrava region. Implement in his company human centric management inspired from Scandinavian.



IAM-POTENTIAL manager members are eager to acquire and develop new skills. They are organizational managers in different sizes of company. They come from different functions, companies, nationalities to ensure diversity and complementarity within the group.

The commitments of IAM-POTENTIAL managers

  • Participate in each of the group's meetings and contribute to the life of the Potential network

  • Become involved in the life of the group, share their experiences

  • Engage in a process of self-evaluation and progress for themselves, their team and the company

  • Implement the achievements of IAM-POTENTIAL in the company and give feedback

It is the laboratory, the place of sharing and learning for the participants. The group defines its educational path and its own progress approach.


It serves to:

  • Support and stimulate each other

  • Train and develop together

  • Provide a caring environment to share experiences

Coordinator, developer, privileged relay of the network and promoter of IAM-POTENTIAL methodology.

He is responsible for the dynamics of the group by ensuring the following missions:

  • Create a climate of trust and define areas for improvement

  • Ensure, with the president of the group, the respect of the IAM-POTENTIAL values

  • Prepare the two annual courses of 3 meetings followed by a workshop of training and reflection

  • Prepare with the Expert and the IAM-POTENTIAL pedagogical team each meeting in line with the expectations of the group 

  • Create or renew a group by prospecting and maintaining a pool of potential members with the help of the president

Chosen by the members to represent and federate the group around IAM-POTENTIAL values.

He is an active and exemplary participant elected for 2 years to:

  • Dynamize the group

  • Be a privileged interlocutor of the Group Facilitator


Brings knowledge according to the topic of one session.

Referenced nationally or worldwide on the basis of his managerial experience, his field of expertise and his ability to motivate and inspire.

He bring the lessons and tools from his professional experience, animates the discussion and reflection on the topic and pushes for action. He intervenes punctually according to the requests of the groups.



Center of competence to build the vision and define the strategy of IAM-POTENTIAL.
Guaranty our values. 
Group Presidents are also represented in the Board of Directors.


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