What is a Potential’s expert ?

  • The Potential expert is a key player in the Potential method and pedagogy

  • The expert is referenced by Potential on the basis of his knowledge of the company, his international experience, and above all his ability to share his expertise and inspire a group of operational managers

  • He is able to do "tailor-made”, he “pushes for action”, experimentation and encourage exchanges

  • He is a legacy of ideas and key tools

A flavour of our international experts

  • Psychoanalyst  (SFPA and IAAP member), consultant and coach of CEO‘s

  • Founder and President of the French School of Morphopsychology

  • Carleen is passionate about man’s unexploited potential. She coaches executives to develop and exploit their resources to conquer autonomy and self-confidence.

  • Working with Carleen will open a new world of observing and understanding people and yourself, enhancing your communication, negotiating and managing skills

Potential Expert in: Morphopsyvhology


  • International Opera Singer (main character of Aida during tout in Germany & Switzerland 2018, singer at Vatican) 

  • Main singer at the Police orchestra of the Prague's castle 

  • Prague conservatory and Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University

  • Shares with company leaders her secret on how to overcome stress and make it your ally

  • At this workshop, managers will learn all the “secret tips” of Miroslava about how to prepare and deliver a speech managing their stress.

Potential Expert in: Stress Management and Public speaking


  • E.ON – power industry (more than 30 years). Some of the positions occupied: 

    • CEO Chairman of the Board E.ON Energie Czech Holding Inc (3 500 employees > 2,5 Bn Euros turn over)

    • Marketing & Sales Director

    • Head of International Finance Department

  • Strategic advisor

  • Mentor of start-ups

  • With managers will learn how to select the right people for the future and how tp become a mentor

Potential Expert in: Mentoring in the company


  • Vice Chairman, Richard Lewis Communications

  • Associate Fellow, Said Business School, University of Oxford

  • British but based in Helsinki – taught in more than 40 countries, including being a faculty member of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation for 10 years

  • Published numerous articles on cross-cultural issues

  • Came up with the world’s first concept for an online cultural assessment and learning tool

  • Michael is helping to managers to work effecitienly with their colleagues from other cultures

Potential Expert in: Intercultural communication


  • Former Head of Global Offering Management

  •  Lecturing at world leading universities: Cambridge, UC Berkeley, Duke, Northwestern, North Carolina, Tsinghua, Peking, Fudan, IE, Insead, National Singapore, Nanyang, St.Petersburgh State, Bocconi, Seoul National, Aalto, etc. 

  • Professor at Ramon Llull University (Spain), Pusan National University (South Korea) & University of Maryland University College(US) 

  • With Hyun managers will understand the situations when have to manage or to lead

Potential Expert in: From Manager to Leader


  • Speaker, consultant and coach since 2006

  • Coach in Intuitive Skills in decision making, recruitment and innovation

  • Master Praticien in NLP, Pratician in Hypnosis

  • European Business School in 1992 (Paris, London, Munich)

  • Victoria leads managers to understand how to trust their gut feelings in making decisions, hiring and other meeting situations. She also drive groups to reveal their ability to let their intuition create, guess and feel how things can get in there area. 

Potential Expert in: Intuition


  • Sports Mental Coach for ice hockey players in NHL, KHL and Czech Extraliga

  • Chairman of the Control Committee of International Coach Federation Czech Republic

  • Founder of Results & Emotions

  • He coaches managers on how to deal with communication to get performance / results from themselves and the people around

Potential Expert in: Sport coach


  • Doctor for 15 years in Czech Republic

  • Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin

  • Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF – Doctors without borders)

  • Missions: Haiti, Afghanistan and Southern Sudan

  • Published two famous books about his missions with MSF 

  • Managers can learn with him how to face new situation without having right competencies in their team

Potential Expert in: Change Management


  • Michelin Group : 20 years of career, his last position Exec VP for Human Resources Development 

  • Several leading positions in operations and HR in industry and aerospace

  • 2014 won the “Human Capital Award” from HEC, Le Monde , … for his innovative approach in developing competences 

  • With Dominique managers can learn the path of empowerment: a step by step approach to design real learning organizations, entities

Potential Expert in: Scales of delegation in leadership


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