"Developing managers’ potential for the progress of the company "
Benefits for group members and their companies

Members feel supported and understood by co-members and, as a result, open up and develop themselves. Presenting issues to peers from other industries allows them to consider the issue more objectively and puts them in a good position to find solutions they can implement. 

Getting to know and viewing the best practices of other leading industries brings innovation to members’ companies. Leaders are better prepared to respond to current and future situations.

Why is Potential different? 

Each group of 15-20 members is organized by a Group Facilitator with group coaching skills and trained at Potential’s methodology. The Group Facilitator collects the needs of the group members. Together with the Managing Director of Potential they build the adapted and specific co-development program. They select in the experts pool the suitable ones for most of the sessions. 

The chosen experts interact directly with the group members after having given short inspiration, and theory. 
The co-development group is composed of managers managing a team of at least 10 people (directly or indirectly) from different nationalities, different industry sectors, different functions. 
Session in English and no competitor in a same group.


Potential brings together operational managers, men and women, employees, as well as entrepreneurs from different nationalities and various industrial sectors in a same working group. There is no competitor in a same group.

Members of Potential come from different managerial functions covering all business functions (HR, Sales, Marketing, Production, Finance, General direction…).

“Potential Structure”: in the frame on top of the 3 circles (board, experts, each group)

Potential's ambition

To be a reference in Czech Repuplic and Slovakia promoting efficient and human management.


Becoming a supporter of the local economy by making companies an attractive places to work.

As an example, the first group has chosen the following program for 2019:
Potential was happy to welcome Mr Tomáš Šebek from MSF as expert during a session.
Relax and open up to the outside world: share leadership 

In a friendly and stimulating atmosphere, Potential is a moment of exchange to take advantage, in a free, personal, and pragmatic way, of the various and concrete experiences of each other through both success and failure real experiences.

Potential Members’ businesses become attractive working environments

Personal development begins with a collective process. Potential helps to develop managers’ personality, management skills, motivation, responsibility and commitment. But above all, managers learn to progress together, through passion.

The future of Potential

A reference in the Czech Republic. Potential forecast for 2021.

  • 1 Board

  • 15 Groups that meet with participants

  • 15 Group Facilitators

  • 15 Group Presidents

  • 120 Sessions / year (15X8) including 90 with experts

  • 50-80 Experts




Our commitment

Inspire and encourage managers to undertake and innovate, to design the companies of the future in an ever changing world.

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