« Developing managers’ potential for the progress of the company »

Potential is an association of top operational managers from different companies and nationalities who gather with or without experts in order to co-develop managerial skills.
Members feel supported and understood by co-members and, as a result, open up, developing themselves. Presenting issues to peers from other industries allows them to consider the issue more objectively and puts them in a good position to find solutions they can implement.

Once back to their role, they become more efficient as managers.

Potential Interactive Trainings for Managers

Growing your managerial skills to the next level!

The pedagogical offer is based on managerial improvement sessions around management themes that aim to answer the question of how to and share inter disciplinary sectors real experiences

Managerial skills 

Enable managers to get to know each others, identify, compare and share management styles to find the right management for them.

The Manager and his team

Enable employees to show and use all their skills empowered by the manager.

Once empowered by their manager the employees can better use their skills.

The Manager and the company

Reinforced by the view of other industries adapts new abilities for the actual business environment.





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About Us

Potential is a non-profit association, created in 2018. Potential is a management

co-development training organization. Its groups are distributed through Czech territory and works with international networks.

Managers, Group Facilitators and Experts share a learning dynamic at the service of human progress and economic performance.


Members Testimonials

Iam-Potential is the place where one can take the time to reflect on his/her management style and on his/her career path. You meet peers from various sectors and various nationalities, but with similar concerns. As a team leader, I also see the benefit to have my team members joining Potential and learn how they can develop and grow for their success and the success of the company.

Jemylia Raimbault
Senior Dircetor Marketing and training EMEA
Bobcat Doosan

Potential is a unique place, where you can openly share your struggles and managerial challenges without being judged, but rather supported and inspired by others. You can find new ways how to improve your management style and see different points of view from various industries and fields of work.

Potential is a great opportunity to meet experienced people and to share with them in a nice atmosphere and climate of trust.

Simona Koszty
HR Manager
Tomáš KRÁL
Sales Director
Czech & Slovak Republic
Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique Tchequie s.r.o.

IAM-Potential Company Members 

Pierre Fabre
RCI Financial
Rose-Tax Consulting
Royal Canin

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